Düsseldorf Boat show

23 01 2009

Yesterday, Adam (sy Elena) and Sebastiaan (sy Pjotter) and I attended the Düsseldorf Boat show. Unfortunately Wierd (sy Tangaroa) was unable to attend.

Having met at the ‘Vertrekkersbijeenkomst’ end of last year organised by the dutch sailing magazine Zeilen we have been in daily contact since. Sharing tips, asking each other for advice and keeping up to date with the many to-do-lists. Maybe not greatly exciting for some but extremely entertaining for us.

On Wednesday evening I drove with Sebastiaan to Adam and Leonie who live near the German border, we arrived at about 22 pm and we very well received by Leonie, Adam arrived just after that. As expected we didn’t get much sleep. Enjoying some generously pored whiskeys (cheers Adam) we stayed up most of the night having philosophical debates and dreaming of distant shores.

Thursday morning we drove off to Düsseldorf, each with a short list of things to see. At arrival we ‘discussed’ our game plan and we set off! Skipping the motor boat sections altogether we headed straight for the equipment (ie toys for boys). To make a long story short we spend practically the whole day in a small corner of the exhibition where fishing gear was sold! Not the most vital on board but in our minds we have already greatly aided in the extinction of some of the bigger fish species. We now know that Adam likes sushi, Sebastiaan still needs to get a BBQ on board and I will throw everything edible on the Cobb BBQ I recently purchased. All this made us feel very manly! Me being the designated fishing expert as I am the proud owner of a how-to book on the subject I answered all questions as best I could… Result: an estimated 1000 euro spend on reels, rods, hooks and lures (Adam got so excited that a sales person took great advantage of the situation, but truth be told he got a top of the bill fishing set. PENN!!!). We argued that this was a minimal investment as the result would be magnificent.

Now the race is on for price winners in all the different categories we have agreed upon: first fish caught, longest, heaviest, toughest fight, etc.

Sebastiaan ordered two beautiful (we all agreed) solar panels, bought two VERY COOL hoses (can’t explain, you should have been there) and many items we own were traded and shared.

All in all, a fantastic day and night spent with new friends! Can’t wait to set sail (and catch fish)!




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