Ladies day at the Hiswa

8 03 2009

We saw the nervouness in his eyes and his face redening when he realised who we were; the female equivalents of the tough negotiators from the day before… Poor Sven.

Sven is from George Kniest, lately the preferred supplier for equipping Mjølner and her fellow adventurers Pjotter and Elena for departure. And since our husbands had been to the stand at the Hiswa the day before with long shopping lists and great negotiation skills (however still resulting in seriously damaged credit card limits),  he of course expected the worst when Rhiannon, Leonie and I showed up. We didn’t  disappoint him, and walked away having bought 4 life vests for the kids for a very good price.

Saturday was ladies day at the Hiswa. And we did exactly what would be expected, looked at shoes and kids clothing! We considered buying rediculously prized gadgets, just to impress the husbands, but decided that this is a task that requires a certain amount of expertise, and the gents are obviously more experienced in this area.

We also went to a presentation of Hennie van Dam, who together with his wife and two daughters sailed up the Gambia river on the sy Pooh. Seeing the photos of life on board and hearing the beautiful stories of meetings with different cultures made me even more impatient to set sail.  Less than two months to go..




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